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  • As a Project Manager and General Contractor in Chico, California identifying my "A-Team" is very important. I have found Bob Paget and the crew at Michael's Office Furnishings to be head and shoulders above the competition. They are definitely at the top of their field. He and his team worked extensively with me on a corporate relocation including the two consecutive expansions that followed. Read More

    Together he and his team designed and assembled north of 135 work stations without as much as a single damaged piece. Their attention to detail from the conceptual design phase through ordering and installation is impressive. On every occasion Bob and his team delivered on time. One example that stands out is a Bretford TRU Keystone Conference table in real Cherry that housed various high-end video conferencing components…It is an impressive table that arrived and went in without a glitch. It made the space, and since the day of installation it has been utilized 5 days a week.

    Bob’s extensive knowledge of biomechanics and work space ergonomics made the decision easy to outfit my own office with several Herman Miller Aeron’s, one of which is my favorite the Aeron Stool in polished aluminum and carbon tuxedo! I even gave an Aeron to my wife as a gift!

    Once you work with Bob and his team, you will only ask yourself one question…Why didn’t I call Bob sooner?

    Jim Faulbaum GC, PM
    Builder | Project Management | Consultation

  • Here is a huge THANK YOU to Michaels Office Furnishings for doing a fantastic job! We asked them to do a very challenging job to pile a lot of people in a small area yet give them the space that is required to do the work.

    Michaels did more than listened to our request, they found a lot of ways to not only offer the desk space, but found solutions to many other space savings ideas. Read More

    What this meant to our company is that we were able to double our office in the same amount of space!

    With that said, they were very straight forward communicating with us from time of sale, when the equipment was being built (PROUDLY IN THE USA!!!!!) to a very quick and efficient installation. From there, when we needed to order a couple more parts 6 months later, it was a breeze and the parts matched perfectly!

    You do not get this level of service, quality, and follow through with any big box brand or place in the North State. If you care about your office or furnishing, you owe it to yourself to come to Michaels. It is well worth the visit.

    Simon Gross
    Converting Equipment International
    Lewiston, CA

  • Ted Pella Inc. has had a long term relationship with Michael's Office Furnishings. We've bought office furniture, cubicle workstations, seating and ergonomic keyboards from them. Michael's has provided product design and finishes, 3D CAD views for space planning visualization as well as installation. We're very pleased with Michael's and plan to use them again for furnishing our offices.

    Tom Pella
    Ted Pella, Inc.
    Redding, CA

  • In 2007, the owner of Western Weather Group, Don Schukraft, came to the conclusion that since the vast majority of our employees' time was spent in a chair, it was important that it be ergonomically designed and would be adaptable to each individuals' need. Western Weather Group is located in Chico, CA and we went as far south as Sacramento looking for an ideal office chair. Read More

    We found that Michaels in Redding offered the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. We drove up there to check out this particular chair. We left purchasing 6 of them! We have been so pleased with the quality and the comfort, that each time we added an employee, we purchased another chair for them and will continue to do so into the future.

    Irene Holmes
    Western Weather Group
    Chico, CA

  • I am writing in recognition of the outstanding service I received from Michael's Office Furniture. While designing and furnishing the new student resource/media/study center for University Preparatory School, Bob Paget spent many hours helping me fine-tune the design and select the most appropriate fabrics that make the center welcoming, comfortable, and extremely functional for the students. Read More

    He went out of his way to address every question and concern. He worked with me on budget and quickly presented detailed quotes, and all of the furniture was delivered promptly and installed beautifully. The room is a showcase for U-Prep, and the students absolutely love using it.

    Michael's Office Furniture's is a rare combination of customer service and attention to detail. I have no hesitation is recommending this company.

    Sally vonDachenhausen
    Redding, CA

  • The Resource Center, a recently constructed addition to the campus of University Preparatory School in Redding, has played an instrumental role in the success of my personal high school career. Whether it comes to printing essays, tutoring, being tutored, researching for a project, or just relaxing with friends in the furnished front area, the Resource Center provides the perfect environment for any possible need a U-Prep student could have. Read More

    The Resource Center is divided into two sections: the front half and the back half, separated by a towering bookshelf spilling over with any class textbook or AP prep-book one could possibly need. The first part of the room is luxuriously furnished with rich leather chairs and a lengthy couch, designed for conversation, nap time, or low key group work. The back half of the room is a whole different story. Two big, circular tables in the center of the space perfectly suit a decent sized group of people cramming for an exam, working on a group project etc. The whole perimeter of this section of the room is guarded by two perpendicular rows of computers, each furnished with their own individual dividers. In this part of the room is where we find the serious workers, dedicated to finishing their task at any cost necessary. Adjacent to one row of computers in the very back left of the room, tucked behind Mr. Bright’s desk (the supervisor), lies a tabletop and several high chairs looking out the window into the quad. For those who wish to work individually, get lost in a book, or simply daydream out the window, this is an ideal spot. The resource center for me has been a privilege to use, and the wonderful furnishings provided by Michael’s Office Furniture make it a hub for both academic and social activity on the U-Prep campus.

    Matthew Hatter
    Redding, CA

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Featured Products

Pulse by First Office

Pulse by First Office

Pulse offers the perfect space planning experience. A modular interface allows you to custom fit the right furniture for your space. Easily wrap a room for multiple work areas and keep a light and airy footprint. Use Pulse's modularity and vast color palette to brand your company's culture or highlight individual departments. Plan easier and influence work better with Pulse.

Pulse by First Office

Canvas Office Landscape by Herman Miller

Canvas Office Landscape is an adaptive solution for creating human-centered workplaces. Consisting of a concise set of elements, Canvas simplifies the creation of varied settings to support the activities of individuals and groups. Its elements combine harmoniously in many different ways, so Canvas can address the widest possible range of workplace needs. The office becomes a place people want to be, and where they have the connections they need—with others and their tools—to do their best work.

Celle by Herman Miller

Celle by Herman Miller

Say "SELL-uh." Meaning—an affordable, sophisticated, supportive work chair that disassembles in five minutes and is 94% recyclable. But you won't be recycling this durable chair any time soon. Celle combines innovative support, great looks, and more comfort than any other work chair in its price category.

Aeron by Herman Miller

Aeron by Herman Miller

The Aeron chair didn't end up in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection just because it looks cool. Although it does. Its looks are only the beginning. Aeron accommodates both the sitter and the environment. It adapts naturally to virtually every body, and it's 94% recyclable. Even if it's black, it's green.